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2020 Dior Essential Bags for Autumn and Winter

By FashionBeast | 30 October 2020 | 1,462 views | 1 Comments
French luxury fashion house Dior has launched the latest version of its classic Lady D-Lite handbag, which is made of canvas instead of lambskin leather and uses different colors. Available in new dark red and dark blue.


The canvas body is embroidered with Dior's signature Cannage cross stitch on the tone. The house logo (also embroidered with the same tone line) appears on the stripe in the center of the bag. There is a detachable belt on the top handle with the Christian Dior logo on it, and its style is similar to the book rest of the house. The golden hardware accessories and golden accessories spell out the "Dior" element to make the handbag more perfect.


In keeping with the previous handbag version, the new velvet color is decorated with a striped band on the front, and retains the light gold "D" color and retains the "Christian Dior" hue. I. O. R." The charm of the decorative handle. The classic style is equipped with a detachable and reversible shoulder strap, which perfectly fits the modern sacred dream handbag.

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